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Founded by legendary boxing champ, Melton "THE PUNISHER" Bowen, Pipeline records was specifically formed to give south florida's talented artists the exposure they deserved.

Since 1995, The Miami Pipeline has been the place where many of South Florida's most successful R&B and Hip-Hop D.J.'s, artists, and promoters have launched their careers. Some of the artists who groomed their talent at The Pipeline include platinum selling artist "Rick Ross", "Trick Daddy", and many more whose list of names reads like a “who's who” in the Miami music scene.

Miami Pipeline showcases these and aspiring professionals every Monday night at Miami Mic Monday, and has been doing this for over 11 years in the same building. Artists who are selected for a showcase performance will be invited to network with the best in business. At each Monday, all artists and companies are able to submit material to be reviewed by all DJs. All extra promotional material will be dispersed to those attending after DJs and stations have been served. If you are in the urban music business and looking to get your music into the hands and ears of one of Miami's most influential promoters, the Miami Pipeline is the engine that can help you.



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